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About Us

Klema’s Introduction to Bunka Punch Embroidery

Lorna & Stuart Robinson, under the ‘Klema’ name, started importing the Japanese range of Bunka Punch Embroidery Kits in August 1992, along with the yarn and accessories. As they became familiar with the product they saw the potential for the Australian Flora and Fauna designs and started working on producing these into a similar format, as this gave the designs realism. In the beginning, with the product being so unknown, they felt that a small sample design would be a great way to introduce folk to the product, hence the Greeting cards were introduced to go with the class activity.

Over the years they have developed some variation on stitching techniques, developed their own ‘Stitch Perfection’ Needle and 'Pin Pusher', (suitable for putting in and pulling out the drawing pins needed to hold the fabric tight on the work frames.) as well as creating a wide range of designs for folk to stitch and enjoy. All these items being designed and manufactured at Head Office in Bethania.

Their ‘kits’ consist of your printed fabric which is colour coded, line print duplicated on a paper copy so you can keep track of your Numbers for colours (which also includes hints and explanations), a colour picture for reference, along with all the yarn necessary for that particular design, and a basic instruction sheet.

They also offer support, via email, through the website, phone or mail, so you can feel free to contact them at any time.

Klema offers a wide range of pre-printed designs, both local and overseas. These are ideal for those who would love to be artistic, but need help. Your finished work will be admired by all when completed, all you need is a little pride in your work. The majority of the work is for the wall, mounted under glass, but can also be used in Greeting Cards very effectively, along with other ‘crafty’ ideas, which can be found on our web site.

Now you have checked the news Visit the Klema Shop and be Inspired

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